´ǹ!! JVC蹷ͻ Rs66 +3D 2ѹ Ҿ͹
¶١ JVC RS66 +3D 2ѹ Ҿ͹

Projector JVC RS-66 (3D)蹷ͻ ͧٹ Ť.ҹҡ

E-mitter + RF 2ѹ (16,000)
ŷִФԡ 1ѹ

ͧҾҡ մ high gloss, һԴ-Դ˹Źauto
Lens memory(save 2.35:1)
ջѺ lens shift Ẻmotor
Ҿʴ֡ Ե
ʹáԴͧ 300.(ʹ 4000.)١ԴʹẺ normal

E-shift2 4K Precision 3840 X 2160p
contrast 1,300,000:1 (dynamic)
brightness 1200 lm

ҤһԢ .............. 379,000.-
ͧâ................ 159,000.-ҷ

ʹ㨵Դ: MonsterEye AVshop (س͹)
line : monster-eye.com

ش 19/06/2017 11:23:02
monster eye (ҹ 413 | ͺ 1 ) (19/06/2560 11:21:23)
Դ繷 1
130,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio Upgraded
1920x1080(x3) 0.7-inch D-ILA devices
e-shift2 4K Precision 3840 X 2160 Projected Image Upgraded
MPC (Multiple pixel control) with JVC's 8 Band Detection 2K to 4K Upscaling Engine New
New 230 Watt NSH Illumination System
(lamp life up to 4,000 hours in normal mode) New lamp!
THX® 3D Certified
ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Certified
Built from hand selected Components
Highly customizable
6 picture modes and 3 color spaces
Darkness and lightness correction
Lens memory function memorizes 10 positions for focus, zoom and shift.Upgraded
Maintains constant height for 2.35, 1.85, 1.78 on same screen.
Screen Mode Presets for different screen material (255 memory positions)
Convergence Correction - 1/16th Pixel Increments
monster eye (19/06/2560 11:25:01)