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47 Laboratory OTA Kit Cable ( Stratos ) / Made in Japan
Single Track Speaker Cable / Interconnect Cable
( ใช้เป็น สายลำโพง หรือ สายสัญญาณ )

Price : 450 / metre
One rate EMS : Bht 50


Tel :086 588 4290
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GoodCat (อ่าน 369 | ตอบ 7 ) (12/08/2560 15:26:57)
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"Then I let 'er rip. For the first 20 hours or so, the Cable Kit sounded a little bit lean and forward - but just a little. I was impressed by the clarity, oodles of detail and the deep & tight bass - from a skinny little wire no less! When things finally settled down completely, the Stratos maintained its detail, clarity, deep and tight bass and attained just enough natural roundness on decent recordings to completely banish any sense of the slightly lean and forward break-in sound. Compared to my reference full Nirvana cable system, the Stratos was more extended in the highs and lows, with the latter's depth and power surprising coming from such a small single strand of wire. Compared to the clarity of the Stratos, the full-system Nirvana listening experience was a bit like the aural equivalent of looking through lightly frosted glass. The Stratos allowed me to see deeper into the soundstage, provided better image definition, better tone, better decay of notes, a greater sense of space and better delineated fine details than my reference Nirvana cables."
GoodCat (12/08/2560 15:27:44)
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While I no longer have the Cardas Golden Reference I reviewed for 6moons, my aural recollection suggests that the Stratos performs in the same league for detail recovery (i.e. oodles of detail) and betters the Ref by sounding more natural and - ahem, a touch more golden. I like the Stratos better than both my reference Nirvana cable set and the Cardas Golden Reference cable set or any other full cable set I've heard in my system for that matter. So what we have in the Stratos is a realsizer's dream come true: A true reference level product that you can use to wire your whole system for all of $600.
GoodCat (12/08/2560 15:28:40)
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Tel :086 588 4290
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