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Review: Hirakawa Power cord
Category: Cables

Budget esoterica magazine
June 2011
supplement issue

Domo arigato Mr. Hirakawa , for building us a power cord that makes are music sound like it ought too. Domo arigato.
Repeat chorus.

This is the supplement issue to the June 2011 issue of budget esoterica review magazine. Today i will be reviewing the Hirakwa power cord. Unfortunately they are no longer available from that source.

Fit and finish is excellent and awe inspiring for such an inexpensive power cord. I will be reviewing the power cord in context with the sony playstation one SCPH-1001 as part of what i would like to call "sony playstation one performance package #1.

The sony playstation performance package consists of three items.;
Hirakawa power cord
cryoparts adapter
penn-elcom footers

I reviewed the performance package with my budget esoterica review equipment which is listed on the bottom of the review. I would like to share with you a few music selections to help you get a greater idea of the benefits of this power cord that i recommend for digital use only.

I listened to eric dolphy, outward bound, track six and i heard round sounding horns, very good tone and a solid , forward sounding trumpet. The sound was very clean with good piano weight, clean drums and bass. I noticed a nearly seamless sound. There was a glassy sound with a slight silvery sheen to cymbals, followed by good decay.

I have a cd by the bob smith radio band titled ,"radio face." On the third track i could hear a rich piano and clean triangles that tickle the ear. The pace and timing was very good. The music was smooth with a well defined solid and tight bass. The highs were clean and crisp and i noticed light to moderate depth on this recording.

I recently purchased the men at work , cargo cd and i am kicking myself for not purchasing it when it originally came out. I love the whole cd. The track that caught my attention is titled , "settle down my boy." This is a very fun song that has a thick guitar, tuneful bass, and very good vocal clarity. I noticed a thick and meaty big sound. The sax was round and juicy and had good detail.

My last pick was the cars cd with no title. I'm in touch with your world, has a very clean sound with good vocal tone. The sound affects are smooth and accurate sounding. There is good sound stage width, pristine highs and a natural and clean bass. The sound was basically linear.


fairly transparent
punchy bass
increases clarity and clearness
durable construction
clean sound
better depth
more musical
3 dimensional
pure and forward mid range
blacker background
long length allows easy placement options


Lacking a little tonal color

If you can find a hirakawa power cord, i highly recommend it for digital use. It lets the music pass through relatively unscathed and i find that to be very delightful
goodcat (04/12/2560 16:02:18)
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hirakawa powercords, posted on September 1, 2010 at 21:40:19
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my current system:
Main System: Sources Sony SCD-1, SCD-XA9000ES (Black), Michell Gyro SE, SME V, Lyra Skala. Amplifiers Pass Lab Aleph Ono, Pass X2.5, Pass X350. Speakers Sony SS-M9ED.
Cables Straightwire Crescendo interconnects, double run speaker cables.
Second System: SCD-XA9000ES (Gold), Pro-Ject Genie 1.3, Sony TA-E1, Sony TA-N1. Sony SS-M7, Straightwire Virtuoso Interconnect. Straightwire Serenade speaker cables.

i have a stock dvp-ns9100es currently on repair.

i've used the following powercords (but no longer):

shunyata powersnakes cobra, python, viper, sidewinder, ps audio lab and mini lab, vdh main stream, mit, straightwire blue thunder, kimber palladium, pk10, and other diy.
but i realised that the factory supplied hirakawa powercords are the ones that really allow me to hear the differences between genres of music, different mixing and mastering standards, and differences between disc pressings. and in doing so, revealing more of the music.
now, every component in my system are powered with hirakawa powercords.

typically, the hirakawa pc takes 48 hours at least after plug in to sound its best, even though they are run-in.
so when making critical comparison, always allow 1-2 days settling time.
the dielectric materials need to get "charged" - like a capacitor, which is what they are really.

having tried all the pc mentioned above, and if i were to again experiment with aftermarket powercords, i would look for one with a thin outer jacket (the lesser the dielectric the better)

all hirakawa powercords are plugged directly to wall mains (without on/off switches), dedicated line is for audio only.

there is a certain methodology when making critical comparison.
one needs to take considertaion of the fact that optical disc player never sound the same if it plays the same track again.
hell, i discovered this - when i reverted to an all hirakawa powercord system.
there's a specific methodology of cueing up tracks to play on the dvp-ns9100es that allow it to sound exactly the same time each you play.
if you like to know, pm me.
goodcat (04/12/2560 16:02:45)
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Posted by xxxxxxx on April 16, 2004 at 13:33:13

I got to thinking, as a follow-up to the thread on Power cords for Levinson, that I needed to rethink the whole power cord thing entirely.

The first was the Levinson 390S player. I removed the JPS Digital cord and substituted a 14 guage cord. The sound was, well, identical to the JPS#QUOTE#s. Next was the little HIRAKAWA 18guage cord. Immediate reactions were "deeper soundstage" "smoother response" "more detail at the back of the soundstage" "Janice is more real-sounding" "better dynamic attack and decay" "less sibalence". You get the picture. Levinson apparently does not appreciate filtering on its power cords.

What does all this mean? Well, it seems to me that it means that power cords DO make a difference. It is just that you can pay good money to get much LESS performance than stock! In the future, before I lay out money for a trick cord, I am going to check all the outlets for OEM cables, from the people that actually have to back-up the performance of their stuff with real tests. That would be Belden, Hirakawa, Eupin etc. Don#QUOTE#t get me wrong here; there are plenty of honest products out there that do truly address the needs of audio equipment. But I would still check all the low-dollor stuff for matching first, before going to the high-dollor stuff. Live and learn.
goodcat (04/12/2560 16:04:48)
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Hisago 8-Figure Power Cord / Made in Japan
Audiophile/Videophile Grade Power Cable 2.0 Sqm. with 8-Figure Plug ( IEC C7 ) / ท้ายเลข 8

วัสดุและการประกอบทำในญี่ปุ่นทุกขั้นตอน Japanese made 100 %

Upgrade " Picture & Sound " from

1) Blu Ray/DVD/CD Player
3) HD Media Player
4) UBC Box
5) Satellite receiver
6) Sony Playstation
7) Mac Mini
8) Amplifier
9) Etc ... Any Gears with 8-Figure Plug ( IEC C7 ) Receptacles

Price : Bht 2,100 ( 1.5 metre )
Price : Bht 2,500 ( 2.0 metre )

+EMS : Bht 70

Line หรือ โทร : 086 588 4290
goodcat (04/12/2560 16:10:37)
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goodcat (04/12/2560 16:10:55)
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" We then power both the McIntosh pre and power from the P10, using Nordost Vishnu power cord to preamp and Hisago power cord for the power amp. Well, our jar drop, everything start fall into place, the 3d sound stage, the sweet high and mid range vocal and well control bass note. The system sound now is well balance across the freq spectrum and very musical. This is how a high end Hifi system should sound like! It is very comfortable to listen to at the same time all the high frequency detail is there and system is very quiet with dark black ground."
goodcat (04/12/2560 16:11:38)
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